Thursday, September 1, 2011

Submit Your Pick For Best/Worst Movie Ever!

Now that we’ve gotten into the swing of things as far as podcasting goes, I am going to introduce a feature called Best Movie Ever/Worst Movie Ever. It’s really one feature but the name of it will depend on the submissions we get.

Simply put, if you have a movie that you think is the Best Movie Ever, submit it to us via email to Please label the subject line as Best Movie Ever, then start with the movie title and then a short paragraph about why you think this is the Best Movie Ever.

Subject: Best Movie Ever

Twilight (2008)

I think Twilight is the best movie ever because I really connected with Bella, and her dilemma is one I can relate to. It speaks to an entire generation!


We will then discuss your submission to determine if it just might be the Best Movie Ever! And there you have it. For Worst Movie Ever, simply do the same and replace Best with Worst. After we receive enough submissions, we will start doing this feature regularly.

*Special note: The fake email address I originally used for TwilightFanetc turned out to have a REAL website behind out. Wow. I thought I was being über-ridiculous making up a website name but apparently there is no end to the ridiculousness.

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