Monday, May 14, 2012

Coming Soon: The Avengers podcast episode

Hello fans!

I'm currently editing our Avengers podcast and I will likely have it up late Tuesday evening. The movie has been out for two weekends, but it's not likely to be out of theaters anytime soon, what with it earning $1 billion dollars in 10 days!

It's an exciting time for Celluloid Freaks, actually! We've had a massive spike in podcast subscribers and I would like to thank each an every one of you for listening to our shows. I also appreciate your patience while I take the time to edit each episode. Given my hectic schedule it is quite difficult to get the show up within hours  after recording it as I have done in the past. Lately it can take several days, but it's always pleasing to see the download numbers after an episode posts; you fans are wonderful.

And feel free to email any suggestions, comments, constructive criticisms, death threats, etc, to

I would like to encourage our fans to send us their top 5 and bottom 5 movies of all time for us to read on the air and discuss!

Happy Mond-- oh God, I can't even finish that sentence. Just have a great week; it will be Friday very soon!

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