Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: 30 Minutes or Less (2011), dir. Ruben Fleischer

The following review is spoiler free and is meant to be read BEFORE seeing the movie, as opposed to the upcoming podcast episode, which will contain spoilers and an in-depth discussion of this movie

I feel like I’ll be spending three paragraphs insulting this movie and then end by saying “…but I enjoyed it.” Yes. That is exactly what is going to happen.

30 Minutes or Less is not an original movie: the premise is taken from real life, the characters are buddies with a rift between them, there is a love interest, there are dumb criminals, and there are a couple of gay jokes. The laughs are also few and far between.

That said, the laughs that were to be had were good laughs, and I enjoyed some of the few honest moments between the leads. The laughter is sometimes cheap, but it still made me laugh. Jesse Eisenberg is reliable as always, Aziz Ansari does his job of being funny at every possible moment, Nick Swardson is actually very restrained, and Danny McBride is playing Kenny Powers for some reason.

I liked how 30 Minutes or Less was told, I like how it was acted for the most part, and I liked how it ended up. All told, I liked it and I’m glad I saw it, but I would not pay $9.50 to see it again.


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