Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Moonrise Kingdom (2012), dir. Wes Anderson

The following review is spoiler free and is meant to be read BEFORE seeing the movie.

Wes Anderson has fully recovered from the debacle that was The Darjeeling Limited and produced a movie that is flawless from start to finish. Every little moment of this movie is delightful and fun. It is filled with whimsy, even when discussing or alluding to the less-than-pleasant aspects of being children, such as bullying or overbearing parents (or parents who are no longer in the picture).

Sam Shakuski escapes from his Khaki Scout camp, leaving Scout Master Ward puzzled. Soon the scouts and the local police captain set out to find him. Soon they discover that he planned his escape in order to rendezvous with Suzy Bishop, a troubled young girl.

Moonrise Kingdom is a preteen love story about two troubled souls who find a common bond. Their love story is told so uniquely and interestingly, when one would think that there were no more ways left to tell a love story. I was enraptured by the tale of how these two fell in love and how far they would go to stay together.

There is not a bad moment in Moonrise Kingdom. I’m not saying that this movie is great simply because there is nothing bad in it; there is naught but whimsical entertainment in Moonrise Kingdom, a movie filled with magic, sunshine, and happiness. It even has a Goddamn kitten in a wicker box!


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